Room with Leger 42.5×64.5cm Fanch Redan Lithograph 196/200


This lithograph depicts a sophisticated living room corner.

The interior features paintings and sculptures by Fernand Léger.

The paintings stand out against the walls, enlivening the space with Léger's signature strong colours and bold shapes, while the sculptures are also reminiscent of Léger's style, with powerful forms and a strong presence.

The room is bright, with a crescent moon shining faintly outside, symbolizing the arrival of the quiet evening and providing a gentle contrast to this sophisticated space.

The sofa, cushions, and tea set on the table evoke a comfortable yet stylish everyday life, while the rug on the floor and the greenery of the potted plants add a touch of richness.

This piece skillfully expresses a space that makes modern art feel familiar. It is a piece that exudes a unique charm as Léger's work blends into the interior.

Born in Pontivy, France in 1949

After graduating from high school at the age of 16, he traveled alone to Europe and Africa.

He then returned to Paris and began studying painting at the age of 19.

After moving to California, he obtained an MBA from California State University, Sufframanian College.

His first solo exhibition in San Francisco was a huge success, and he has since held exhibitions across the US and around the world, including in Paris.

He currently has studios in Paris and San Francisco.