Atami 8F (45.5×37.9cm) Written by Fumio Asahina


This work depicts Atami's beautiful scenery with bold and expressive brushstrokes.

In the background of a series of mountains, the sky at dusk spreads out, and the light of the setting sun creates various shades of green on the mountain surface.

At the bottom of the screen, the roofs and walls of buildings are painted in various colors.

The sea is calm and its calm surface creates a calm atmosphere.

The artist's powerful brushstrokes give a sense of richness and movement in color, and through this work, he fully expresses Atami's nature and local atmosphere.

Viewers will be able to appreciate the beauty of Japan's seaside towns.


1914 Born in Shinjuku, Tokyo

1932 Studied oil painting under Gentaro Koori and exhibited at the Kofukai Exhibition

1949 Special selection for “Still Life” at the 5th Nitten Exhibition

1951 Received the Minami Prize for “Eitai Bridge” at the Kofukai Exhibition.

1957 First solo exhibition held at Ginza Kyuryudo, Tokyo

1960 Exhibited ``Kuromon'' at the first reorganized Nitten and won the first Kikuka Prize.

1962 Became a judge at the 5th Nitten Exhibition

Became a Nitten member in 1964 and later became a Nitten councilor.

1992 Died of pneumonia at age 77