Clown Playing the Violin and Child  20 P (72.7 x 53 cm)  by Matabee Goto


The orange and green tones give this painting a warm and enchanting atmosphere. The bold interplay of green and orange tones perfectly expresses depth and scene transitions.

The clown holds a violin and is dressed in a bright orange costume. His music dances lightly like the wind, bringing fun and joy to the hearts of his audience.

The clown's smiling face symbolizes the joy of playing music and sharing it with the audience, and its brightness spreads happy energy to those around it.

The cart is a symbol of his journey and adventure, and represents his hope for the unknown world to come. This painting is a magical fusion of orange and green that brings heartwarming emotion and joy to the viewers. The moments created by clowns, children, women, and men together are an intersection of music and emotion that will resonate in the hearts of viewers.



1925 Born in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture

1943 Studied at Pacific Art School

1955 First solo exhibition at Yoseido Gallery (Ginza, Tokyo) , 56,57

1957 Solo exhibition at Hagurodo Gallery (Ginza, Tokyo) and Form Gallery (Ginza, Tokyo)

Solo exhibition at Gambs Gallery San Francisco

1958 Solo exhibition at Ichinomiya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Aichi), Petite Galerie NY , Central Gallery NY, Columbia State Museum of Art

Solo exhibitions at Form Gallery (Ginza, Tokyo) and Toyota Building Gallery (Nagoya)

1959 Solo exhibition “Paradise Lost” Form Gallery (Ginza, Tokyo), Invited work to the Houston Museum of Art

1960 Solo exhibition at Shinobazu Gallery (Tokyo) , 61, 62 , works invited to Mary Washington University, works invited to the American Watercolor Society Exhibition

1962 Invited works to Mary Washington University, works invited to the American Watercolor Society exhibition, works invited to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society exhibition, solo exhibition at Nessler Gallery New York, solo exhibition at Raymond Burr Gallery Hollywood, exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, exhibited at the Washington Watercolor Society Exhibition ( * Rembrandt Special Award), Solo exhibition at Fine Gallery Chicago, Solo exhibition at Silver Gallery Santa Barbara

1963 Solo exhibition at Fujii Gallery (Tokyo), Solo exhibition at Imai Gallery (Kobe) , 65, 67

1964 Solo exhibition at Nichido Gallery (Nagoya) , 66 , Solo exhibition at Hiiragi Gallery (Tokyo)

1965 Exhibited at Shinobazu Gallery (Tokyo) "Circular Tableau" exhibition, Tokyo Bunka Gallery (Tokyo) New Works exhibition, Ginza Gallery (Tokyo) "Art Brake" exhibition

1966 Solo exhibition at Chugu Gallery (Osaka)

1967 Solo exhibition at Miyuki Gallery (Tokyo) , 68

1968 Solo exhibition at Yamagata Matsuzakaya (Yamagata)

1969 Solo exhibition at Isetan (Tokyo), Solo exhibition at Yamaki Bijutsu (Osaka) , 75, 77, 84

1970 Gallery Yamaki (Tokyo) “Exe Homo” Exhibition

" M. Goto Copperplate Print Collection" published by Galerie Dür

1971 Bara Gallery “Etching” Exhibition

1972 Bara Gallery "Human Love and Loneliness" Exhibition

Bara Gallery “World of Miniatures” Exhibition

1973: Bara Gallery “Neighbors and Unforgettable People” Exhibition

Bara Gallery “Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Watercolor Drawings” Exhibition

1974 Nichido Gallery (Nagoya) "Space" Exhibition * Submitted every year until the 10th exhibition in 1983

1975 Goto Matabee 1950-1975 Exhibition Yamaki Gallery ( Osaka )

1976 Solo exhibition at Bara Gallery , 77

“Goto Matabee Copperplate Print Collection” published by Nichido Gallery (Nagoya)

1978 Bara Gallery “Daily Bread for Us Today” Exhibition

1979 Bara Gallery "Serial War" Exhibition

1980 Bara Gallery “Series of Comedians” Exhibition

Illustration for Teizo Kikuchi's poetry collection "The Lonely Alien"

1982 Bara Gallery “The World of Matabee Goto” Exhibition

1984 Solo exhibition at Yamaki Art (Osaka)

1985 Bara Gallery "Ruzan - Encounter with Paper" Exhibition

1990 Memories Gallery (Nagoya) 5 -person contemporary art exhibition

1994 Bara Gallery New Exhibition “Hunter of Aporia”

1996 Bara Gallery / Gallery Rupo "Goto Matabee Hometown" Exhibition

2001 Bara Gallery “Beyond the Century” Exhibition

Died in 2002 at the age of 77


2003 Yamaki Art (Osaka) Matabee Goto Posthumous Works Exhibition

2008 Nichido Gallery (Nagoya) Matabee Goto Posthumous Exhibition

2012 Kiyosu City Haruhi Museum of Art (Aichi) Collection Exhibition

2020 Bara Gallery Reiwa Goto Matabee Exhibition

2022 Bara Gallery Goto Matabee Retrospective Exhibition