Paris North Hotel 6F (41 x 31.8cm) by Masahiko Hama


This work is set in a corner that still retains the atmosphere of old Paris. The author uses pale, warm colors to express an old townscape that seems as if time has stopped.

Small bridges and flowing canals emphasize the tranquility and serenity of this area, giving the impression of a peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The hotel's elegant appearance quietly speaks to the beauty of its historic architecture and the stories that dwell within it. This painting gives the viewer a calming sense of peace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

1938 Born in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture

1958: Moves to Tokyo and studies at Tokyo YMCA night school

1960 First exhibited at the Nika Exhibition

1965 “Izanagi/Izanami” was selected for the first time at the Nika Exhibition (selected every year thereafter)

1968 First visit to France

1970  Winner of Nika Exhibition 50th Anniversary Award for “Newspaper Seller in Paris”

1971  “Church Wedding” won special selection at Nika Exhibition

Scouted by Ginza Bara Gallery and becomes exclusive to Bara Gallery.

1972  Won the Nika Exhibition Paris Prize for ``Pedestrian Heaven'' and was given the right to study abroad in Paris for 5 years as a supplementary prize.

1974 “Masahiko Hama: Poetry and Heart of Paris” exhibition held at Bara Gallery

1975 “Masahiko Hama: Letters from Paris” exhibition held at Bara Gallery

1976: While studying abroad, won the Salon d'Automne Award in France.

1977 Return to Japan

(Since then, he has traveled to France several dozen times )

1978: Recommended as a member of the Nika Society (subsequently exhibited at the Nika Exhibition without examination, continued to hold solo exhibitions at Ginza Bara Gallery and Shinjuku Isetan Department Store)

1979 “Masahiko Hama Exhibition: Poems of Venice” exhibition held at Bara Gallery

1983: “Masahiko Hama New Works Exhibition” held at Bara Gallery

1986 Selected for the France Le Salon Exhibition (Association of French Artists) (formerly Salon de Paris) Featured in the Weekly Post magazine as one of `` 5 young painters who will lead the future of Japanese art''

1988 One Painting 1 Exhibited at the 7th Contemporary Western Painting Elite Selection Exhibition and won the Silver Prize for ``Ginza Canturatan (Quartier Latin)''

1990 Nika Exhibition Nika Society Friends Award

Appointed as Nika Nagano Prefecture branch chief

Solo exhibitions held at Suwa Marumitsu Department Store, Miyako Bijutsu, and other locations

Passed away in Suwa City in 2018 at the age of 80 .

In January 2019, a memorial exhibition was held at Miyako Art in Belvia, Chino Station.