Paris 18th arrondissement office cafe and wedding ceremony 10th floor (53 x 45.5 cm) by Masahiko Hama


This oil painting captures a moment when Paris' hustle and bustle coexists with tranquility. In this scene in front of the 18th arrondissement's town hall, the tranquil daily life of a café intersects with the joy of a wedding celebration.

The artist uses soft tones to depict the stately architecture and the bustling city that surrounds it. In the café in the painting, people are relaxing and enjoying coffee, while in the background, a bride and groom are being blessed. This painting conveys the rhythm of Parisian life and the excitement of a special day.

The simultaneous occurrence of everyday life and once-in-a-lifetime events represents the city's diversity and tolerance.

This is a truly fascinating work that captures the daily life of the city of Paris and people's happy moments.

Born in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture in 1938

1958 Moved to Tokyo and studied at the Tokyo YMCA night school.

1960: First exhibited at the Nikaten Exhibition

1965: "Izanagi and Izanami" was selected for the Nikaten Exhibition for the first time (since then, he has been selected every year).

1968: First visit to France

1970  Received the Nikaten 50th Anniversary Award for "Newspaper Seller in Paris"

1971  "Church Wedding" won the Nikaten Exhibition Special Prize

Scouted by Ginza Rose Gallery and became an exclusive member of the gallery.

1972  He won the Nikaten Paris Prize for "Pedestrian Paradise" and was awarded the right to study in Paris for five years as a prize.

1974: Held the exhibition "Masahiko Hama: Poetry and Spirit of Paris" at Bara Gallery

1975: Held the exhibition "Masahiko Hama: Letters from Paris" at Bara Gallery

1976: Won the Salon d'Automne Award in France while studying abroad

1977: Returned to Japan

(Since then, he has traveled to France dozens of times .)

1978: Recommended as a member of the Nikakai Association (since then, has exhibited at the Nika Exhibition without being judged, and has held solo exhibitions at the Ginza Rose Gallery and Shinjuku Isetan Department Store)

1979: Held the exhibition "Masahiko Hama: Poetry of Venice" at Bara Gallery

1983: Held the "Masahiko Hama New Works Exhibition" at the Bara Gallery

1986: Selected for the Le Salon Exhibition in France (French Artists Association) (formerly the Salon de Paris) Featured in the Weekly Post magazine as " Five Young Artists Who Will Carry the Japanese Art World in the Future"

1988: Won the Silver Award for "Ginza Cantulat (Quartier Latin)" at the 7th Contemporary Western Painting Exhibition.

1990: Received the Nikakai Fellowship Award at the Nika Exhibition

Appointed head of Nika Nagano branch

Held solo exhibitions at various locations, including Suwa Marumitsu Department Store and Miyako Art.

Died in Suwa City in 2018 at the age of 80

A memorial exhibition will be held at Miyako Art Museum in Belvia, Chino Station, in January 2019.