Festa 4F (33.4×24.3cm) Made by Terumi Ito


This painting depicts the lively atmosphere of a festival with bold brush strokes.

There is a sense of movement and rhythm throughout the screen, creating a lively scene. In the background are outlines of different buildings and structures.

This work, with its distinctive style and use of color, is an impressive piece that will stimulate the viewer's inspiration.

Shueisha Book Cover Design Award Honorable Mention

Participated in the 29th Showa-kai Exhibition (Nichido Gallery), Gallery Yaesu, Tokyo, Space Pause, Rose Gallery, Kyobunkan, Gekkoso, Gallery Space Q solo exhibition

Henry J.M. Nouwen (The Sign of Life)
Translated by Takako Takahashi, bound by Henri Caffarel (God, this most distorted name)
Hymn CD jacket design Women's Paul Society Publishing Department
Written by Tomoaki Fukai (The Power of Hope) Binding Kyobunkan Publishing
Written by Kazuhiro Mori (People are being destroyed/Thinking about the state of Japanese society and people) Binding Women's Paulo Association
Written by Katsuhiko Kondo (Let's celebrate joy and dance with joy), binding, Kyobunkan Publishing
( 100 words about time) Women's Paul Society Publishing
Keizo Kobayashi (Snowy Night) Joshi Paulo Publishing Department
Katsuhiko Sasaki (Empathetic God) Kyobunkan Publishing
- Notebooks, Calendars, Easter Cards Published by Joshi Paulo Society