Mitsuhama 4F (33.4×24.3cm) Written by Motoo Koizumi


This is an oil painting depicting the calm end of a day in a port town.

The screen depicts a ship floating on the calm sea surface and buildings lining the coast, with lush green mountains rising behind them.

The sight of birds flying over the sea adds movement to the picture, and even in the silence, you can feel the dynamism of life.

The artist uses pink and blue tones to express the subtle changes in color of the sea and sky caused by the soft light at dusk.

This painting captures the calm beauty of a seaside landscape and the quiet passage of time there, conveying the charm of a landscape where nature and people's lives coexist.

1928 Born in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture

1950 Studied under Takuji Nakamura and learned from the basics

1952 Selected item for Issuikai Exhibition

1953 Exhibited at Nitten Exhibition

1955 Issuikai Pourbou Prize

1959 Issuikai membership recommendation

1964 Issuikai Award

1966 Stayed in France for 1 year

1967 Solo exhibition of works from Europe at Daimaru, Tokyo

1974 Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon

1975 Solo exhibition at Tokyu Main Store

1975 Nitten Exhibition Friend

1976 Stayed in southern France

1977 Solo exhibition at Mitsubishi Auto Salon

1978 Solo exhibition at Ikebukuro Gallery

1981 Solo exhibition at Ginza Matsuya

1982 Aikawa Town Community Center facade glass mosaic mural completed

1983 Issuikai committee member recommendation

1986 International Competition Academy Lutece Exhibition Bronze Prize

1987 Silver Award at the same exhibition

2001 Solo exhibition at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store

2002 Issui-kai Standing Committee Recommendation

1974 Donated work to Hiratsuka Museum of Art “Kisosuhara” F100
2008 Donated work to Kamakura City: “The Sea of ​​Izu” F100