Tree-lined road 25F (80.3 x 65.2cm) Written by Katsunobu Teshirogi


The tree-lined road that stretches out in front of you has a calm and gentle atmosphere, and the trees are full of leaves. The harmonious colors of green and yellow give the entire painting a soft impression.

You can see houses at the end of the road, but for the people who live there, the tree-lined road is not just a passage, but a place of warm community.

It might be fun to calm your mind in this landscape, walk along the tree-lined avenue, and imagine what awaits you if you take the path to the left.

Born in Tokyo in 1939

1960 Exhibited at New Production Exhibition (~ 1968 )

1966 Graduated from Musashino Art University

Exhibited at the International Figural Exhibition (~ 1968 , 1981 , 1986 )

1966 Traveled to Europe and America

1970 Traveled to Europe

1973 Solo exhibition (Saitsubodo Salon, Ginza)

Traveling to Europe

1974 Participated in the formation of Reinokai

1975 Drawing Exhibition (Saitsubodo, Ginza)

1980 Solo exhibition (Central Art Gallery, Tokyo)

Going to Australia

1982 Solo exhibition (Hachibankan Gallery, Osaka '84 )

1983 Solo exhibition (Izumi Gallery, Ginza, Tokyu Kichijoji store)

1984 Solo exhibition (Hachibankan Gallery, Osaka, Rose Gallery, Ginza)

1985 Solo exhibition (Daimaru Umeda store, Ueno Matsuzakaya)

1986 Two-person exhibition (Galerie Objet Kobe '89 )

1987 Japanese Paintings: New Generation '87 Exhibition (Ueno Matsuzakaya '89 )

Solo exhibition (Umeda Gallery, Osaka '90) (Gallery Objet, Kobe '90 '91 )

1990 Contemporary Japanese folding screen painting exhibition (Dusseldorf, etc.)

Japanese Creativity Exhibition (Australia)

Passed away in 2003