Doll 53×40cm Lithograph by Konosuke Tamura EA


This lithograph depicts a doll in bold colors and simple lines.

The doll's face is very distinctive, and although its expression appears calm, it also contains a mysterious quality, as if it is trying to tell you something.

The background is colored red and green, and these colors are also used for the doll's clothing and the accessories she is wearing. The doll's clothing is detailed with delicate lines and wrinkles and shadows, and is accented by her decorative hat and red necklace. The red of the necklace seems to provide a visual focal point while also enlivening the entire lithograph.

The dolls' expressions seem to hide deep emotions and stories even in their silence, making them an intriguing piece that stimulates the viewer's imagination.

Born in Osaka in 1903. His real name was Konosuke Onishi.

1920: Moved to Tokyo and studied at the Taiheiyogakai Institute

1921: Returned to Osaka and studied under Narajū Koide

1926: First selected for the 13th Nikaten Exhibition

1927: Won the All-Kansai Award at the 1st All-Kansai Western Painting Exhibition

1937: Member of the Nikakai Society

1947: Founded the Nikikai Society with Morikazu Kumagai, Saburo Miyamoto and others

1974: Became chairman of the Nikikai Association

1984 Member of the Japan Art Academy

1985: Person of Cultural Merit

Died in 1986