Irie House 40×29cm Lithograph EA by Laurent


This lithograph piece captures the serene landscape of a coastal town. There are houses and boats in a quiet cove with mountains visible in the distance.

The blue of the sea and the expanse of the sky create an open atmosphere, and the bright colors evoke the sunshine of the Mediterranean Sea. Vivid plants are depicted in the foreground, adding vitality and richness of color.

This work expresses the sense of freedom and beauty unique to the Mediterranean, and is sure to transport viewers to a warm and peaceful seaside town.


Born in Gironde (southern France) in 1949

Career Paris Polytechnic School

Paris University of Fine Arts

Advertisements, illustrations, illustrations for magazine companies, etc.

1977 Started teaching at the Paris School of Fine Arts

1976-1982 Exhibited in numerous salon exhibitions (Viturie, Montrouge, Young Painter)

Also joins cultural circles (Versailles, Pontoise, Compaigne, La Rochelle)

1989: Worked as a watercolor painter