Yamato Shinzo 15F (65.2 x 53cm) Created by Kaoru Uehashi


This painting is a work that combines traditional Japanese architecture and the beauty of nature.

The painting depicts flowers blooming majestically in front of a five-storied pagoda, and the power and vitality of the flowers highlight the five-storied pagoda, which is a traditional Japanese architecture. The representation of the five-storied pagoda takes advantage of the deep colors and textures of the oil painting, and the details of the building are carefully depicted. The classical beauty of the structure, combined with the vitality of the flowers, gives the work a deep cultural meaning.

The unique luster and depth of oil paintings expresses the beauty of nature and architecture more realistically and artistically, giving the works a unique beauty.

This painting will provide viewers with visual enjoyment through the harmony of Japanese culture and nature.

1931 Born in Nakama City, Fukuoka Prefecture

1949 Selected for the Demonstration Exhibition for the first time. Exhibited at the same exhibition thereafter

1957 Selected for the Nitten Exhibition for the first time. Exhibited at the same exhibition thereafter

1958 Exhibited at Yasui Prize Candidate Exhibition (National Museum of Modern Art) Exhibited 5 times thereafter

1959 Becomes a member of the Visionary Society

1967 Traveled to Europe

1969 Special selection award at the 1st reorganized Nitten Exhibition

1972: Withdrew from Nitten and Exhibition Society.

1978 Exhibited at the International Figural Exhibition. Exhibited at the same exhibition 8 times since then.

1981 Purchased works from Osaka City Museum of Art.

1991 Invited to exhibit at Genbi Exhibition. Exhibited every year since then

1992 Japanese Western Painting Reconsideration Exhibition (Miyako Teien Art Museum)

2000 Present Beauty Exhibition (Tokyo Bijutsu Club)

Currently independent

Work collection: Osaka City Museum of Art, Satoe Memorial 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art