Azumino scenery 10F (53 x 45.5cm) Written by Takashi Asahina


This work depicts the vast landscape of Azumino, and features towering mountains and rice fields in the distance.

The rice fields are filled with water, and the mirror surface reflects the surrounding landscape and the color of the sky. Cherry blossom trees are scattered here and there on the screen, and the pink flowers that herald the arrival of spring add color to the landscape.

The mountains are depicted with a soft expression that gives the impression of being enveloped in mist, skillfully capturing the sense of perspective and atmosphere.

The peaceful beauty of Azumino and the harmonious way of life are expressed, and viewers will be able to feel the peace of the countryside and the richness of nature.


Born in Hiroshima in 1932

1945 Hiroshima city ( 5 km from the hypocenter ) was exposed to the atomic bomb.

1951 Moved to Tokyo and entered Chuo University.

Participated in the 6th and 7th behavioral exhibitions

Withdrew from Chuo University to go to the United States


1962 Started producing serigraph ( silkscreen ) works at PRAT INSTITUDE print studio.

1968 Solo exhibitions held at Galerie Mook (Paris) and Galerie Majestec (Biarritz), France.

1969-70 Exhibited at the Northwest International Print Exhibition, American Print Association Exhibition, etc.

Seattle Art Museum Permanent Collection Purchased

Exhibited at the Boston Print Exhibition (69-70 )

New York State Fair Exhibition Award Winner ( 69 )

Rockefeller Governor Purchasing Award ( 69 )

Exhibited at the "American Artists" Middle East Traveling Exhibition ( 70 ) sponsored by the U.S. Information Agency

1972: After staying in France for a year and a half, returned to Japan in August to give a presentation in Japan.

1973 Solo exhibition at Nihonbashi Gallery

1975-1990 Japan Western Art Dealers Association Exhibition

1980-92 Solo exhibition at Ueno Matsuzakaya (held every year)

1983 Solo exhibition at Shunsei Gallery

1991 Contemporary Japanese Painting Exhibition (Beijing)