Indoor 30F (90.9×72.7cm) Written by Yoshie Nakada


This painting is a fantastic work using oil paint.

In the paintings, a special atmosphere is created through the relationship between the interior space and the objects placed within it.

Dolls are placed on top of Western chairs in the room. Various forms of love can be seen around it, and the doll seems to be gently watching over them. The doll has a special presence on the large Western chair.

The interior is painted in rich colors, giving the space depth and inviting the viewer into a fantasy world.

Born in Osaka in 1902 Real name: Kikuyo

1920 Graduated from Osaka Prefectural Otemae Girls' High School (currently Osaka Prefectural Otemae High School)

1924 Studied at Shinanobashi Western Painting Institute, studied under Narashige Koide

In 1927, he moved to Tokyo and studied under Sotaro Yasui through the introduction of Koide.

1928 Selected for the 15th Nika Exhibition for the first time. (From then on, exhibited until 1936 )

1937 Exhibited at the first Issui-kai exhibition and was selected.

1942 Received the Okada Prize at the 6th Issuikai Exhibition.

1943 Participated in the female artist corps

Exhibited at the 5th Shinbunten and was selected

After the war, she participated in the founding of the Women Painters Association as a founder.

1950 Invited to submit to the 1st Selected Art Exhibition

1951 Changed name to Yoshie

1952 Becomes Issui-kai committee member

1966: Received the Minister of Education Award at the 20th Women Painters Association Exhibition.

1984 Retrospective exhibition “The World of Yoshie Nakata” held at the Ikeda 20th Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

Died in 1995