Lack of desire 34×64cm by Keizo Koyama


This piece of calligraphy uses strong yet distinctive brushstrokes to express the phrase "want less," which symbolizes a spirit of self-restraint and introspection.

The work as a whole conveys the strength of the message the calligrapher wants to convey through his brush, as well as his delicate sensibility. Although based on traditional calligraphy, the work also displays the calligrapher's own unique style, demonstrating both the artistic quality and philosophical depth of calligraphy.

This piece of artwork has aesthetic value that goes beyond mere words and will encourage deep contemplation in the viewer.

Born in 1897 in Aramachi, Komoro Town, Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture (present-day Komoro City)

1915 Graduated from the former Nagano Prefectural Ueda Junior High School

In the same year, he entered the preparatory school of Keio University.

In 1916, despite his father's opposition, he dropped out of the Department of Finance at Keio University to become a painter and studied under Takeji Fujishima at the Kawabata Art School.

1920: Traveled to France on the recommendation of Toson Shimazaki

Learned oil painting techniques from Charles Guérin at the Académie Colarossi

1928: Returned to Japan

1929: Set up an atelier in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture

In 1936, he left the Nikakai and founded the Issuikai with Ikuma Arishima and Shintaro Yamashita.

1943: Translated Ambroise Vollard's "Memoirs of an Art Dealer" (new edition published by Bijutsu Koronsha)

1959: Received the Japan Art Academy Award for the series "White Heron Castle"

1960: Member of the Japan Art Academy

1970: Person of Cultural Merit

1971: Awarded the title of honorary citizen of Komoro City

1975: Awarded the Order of Culture

In the same year, he donated one of his masterpieces to his hometown, Komoro City, and the Komoro City Koyama Keizo Museum of Art, designed by Murano Togo, was completed.

In 1985, he donated 200 million yen of his own money to establish the Keizo Koyama Art Foundation, which awarded the Keizo Koyama Art Award to mid-career Western-style painters and encouraged oil painting restoration technicians to study abroad (disbanded in 2006 ).

Died in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1987