In the garden 21×21cm Made by Teruo Yamakawa


The pale pink and light blue color scheme gives this piece a cute feel at first glance, but it is also complex and mysterious.

It is packed with various elements, including things that look like plants and shapes that look like human eyes. The small space in the garden has a wide range of possibilities, stimulating the viewer's curiosity.

The garden is like a secret world, and it is a piece of work that allows your imagination to expand endlessly as to what kind of wonders await you.

1940 Born in Hachioji, Tokyo

1964 Graduated from the Department of Oil Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts (Won the Ohashi Prize for his graduation work ``Nai Mono Nedari'')

1966 Completed graduate school at the same university

1969 Part-time lecturer at Joshibi College of Art and Design (until 1974 )

1981 Appointed as assistant professor at Tokyo University of the Arts

1986: Trained in England as a Ministry of Education overseas researcher over the following year.

Group and solo exhibitions at the International Sculpture Exhibition, Tokikai Exhibition, Rei no Kai Exhibition, Mori no Kai Exhibition, etc.

Died in 1992

In April of the same year, an exhibition of Teruo Yamakawa's posthumous works was held at the Tokyo University of the Arts Art Museum, displaying over 30 works ranging from his graduation work to a series of recent works.