Praying Mantis on the Hand 6F (40.9 x 31.8cm) by Masahiko Seno


This work captures a single moment with intense color and expressive power .

The work fills the screen with the figure of a person drawn from the face to the shoulders, painted in shades of orange and red. The facial expressions of the figures are introspective yet have the power to convey something, and the thick brush strokes create a powerful impression.

In the hand of the person is the figure of a green praying mantis, its elongated shape and sharp legs are realistically expressed. The praying mantis is contrasted with the human figure and seems to hint at the delicate relationship between living things and humans.

The background is a subdued gray tone, which helps the figure's face and the mantis' figure stand out even more.

The work suggests an exploration of themes such as life and death, nature and humans, strength and fragility, and combines the psychological complexity and strong visual impact that the author is known for.

1901 Born in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture

Graduated from Kobe High School of Economics ( currently Kobe University Faculty of Economics ) and taught himself how to draw while working at a marine and fire insurance company.

1927: First exhibited at the 1930 Society Exhibition and selected for selection.

1928 Selected for Nikakai

1931 Exhibited at the 1st independent exhibition and won the Mr. O Prize.

1934 Member of the Independent Art Association Advocated Fauvism with Katsuzo Satomi and others, demonstrating a bright and poetic style.

Died in 1990 at the age of 89 .