Come, come, spread your wings 30F (90.9 x 72.7cm) Written by Kunishi Kanai


This painting explores the boundaries between reality and fantasy and expresses feelings of anticipation and hope.

At the center of the painting is a person in an imaginary space. The person appears to be missing an arm. The title of this work seems to symbolize the deep feelings and dreams of the characters in the painting.

This work is a combination of one person's inner emotions and imagination, and can be said to be a unique work that stimulates inspiration in the viewer through the inner world.


Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1951

1970 Studied at Pacific School of Art (until 1979 )

1979 75th Pacific Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum / Hanjiro Sakamoto Award)

1980 Independent exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum / Independence Award, 60th Memorial Award, etc.)

1983 Solo exhibition (Dame Museum/Belgium)

1986: Received the Yasuda Fire Art Foundation Encouragement Award at the 54th Independent Exhibition (subsequently received the Encouragement Award in 1988 , and the Independence Award in 1990 and 1991 ).

1991 34th Yasui Prize Exhibition (Sezon Museum, etc.)

1992 2nd Kanji Maeda Grand Prize Exhibition (Kurayoshi Museum, etc.)

26th Contemporary Art Selection Exhibition (Agency for Cultural Affairs)

1993 <Invitation to Contemporary Art> Akira Kato and Kunishi Kanai Exhibition (Takasaki City Museum of Art)

1995: Selected as an outstanding artwork purchased by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 1994 .

'95 Oil Painting Award Exhibition (Tokyo Central Art Museum / Excellence Award)

1997 3rd Beauty Premonition Exhibition (Nihonbashi Takashimaya, etc.)

2000 Nippon Television “The World of Beauty ~Kunji Kanai~”

2001 23rd Japanese Masterpiece Art Exhibition (Nihonbashi Takashimaya, etc.)

2002 Studied abroad in Italy as Agency for Cultural Affairs Artist Overseas Training Program

2003 “Evolution 16 ” (Nihonbashi Takashimaya, etc.)

2007 “Travel” Exhibition “Encounter and Dialogue with Different Cultures” (The National Art Center, Tokyo)

2009 Gunma Art 1941-2009 (Gunma Museum of Modern Art)

2011 “ Three people, three independent people exhibition” (Tomioka City Myogi Furusato Museum)

2012 “Journey” Exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Artist Overseas Training Program (National Art Center, Tokyo)

2013 Arts Maebashi Opening Commemorative Exhibition (Arts Maebashi)

the current

Member of the Independent Art Association, member of the Japan Federation of Artists, representative director of the Ken Saito Memorial Study Group