Sermon under the tree (scrolled) 70.5×24.5cm Made by Mitsuyoshi Hatanaka


This work depicts a scene where Shakyamuni Buddha preaches the teachings of the Buddha under a large tree.

The Buddha's gaze and smile are gentle, yet full of wisdom. The contrast with the black trees in the background makes the Buddha's figure stand out, and the subdued coloring further enhances the sacredness of this scene.

The fact that the disciples are not depicted allows the viewer to listen to the words of Buddha even more and receive deep revelation from his teachings. This work will deeply impress those who seek Buddhist teachings and inner peace.


Mitsuyoshi Hatanaka has a deep knowledge of the transmission of Buddhist art from India to Japan, and many of his works have Buddhist themes such as Indian folklore and Buddhist legends. As both a religious figure and a painter, he believes in discovering themes through the study of historical works, mainly from India, and thinking about the essence of painting and how to live through painting production.

1947 : Born in Nara Prefecture / 1977 : 21st Shell Art Award / 1978 : 1st Tokyo Central Art Museum Japanese Painting Award / 1987 : 5th Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Newcomer Award / 2002 : Nikkei Japanese Painting Award / 2004 : 22nd Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Award, Distinguished Service Award / 2014 : Kyoto Art and Culture Award / 2015 : Kyoto City Cultural Distinguished Award, and many other awards .
●Former professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design