Mt. Asama 4F (33.4×24.3cm) Written by Akito Shinohara


This work is an oil painting that captures the scenery of Mt. Asama with bold brushstrokes and deep colors.

A magnificent mountain is depicted against a deep blue sky, with farmland and houses visible in the foreground.

It depicts the close connection between the beauty of snow-capped mountains and local life, giving us a sense of the beauty of the harmony between nature and humans.

The author powerfully expresses the beauty of Japan's climate and nature with a unique sensibility.


1927 Born in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture

1949 Graduated from Tokyo Third Normal School (currently Tokyo Gakugei University) Majored in Art

1952 Exhibited for the first time at the Issuikai Exhibition and was selected

1958 First exhibition at Nitten, selected

1967 Issuikai Exhibition Honorable Mention Award; won three times since then

1968 Issuikai membership recommendation

1975 Around this time, I was drawn to mountain villages with thatched roofs and started drawing them.

1977 Issuikai committee member recommendation

1984 Self-selected exhibition of Akito Shinohara, who moved his workplace from Tokyo to Chino City (Chino City Art Museum)

1990 Nitten Special Selection

1994 Nitten Special Selection

2003 Exhibition commemorating the publication of the art book “Living in Satoyama” (Chino City Art Museum)

2004 Publication of 36th Nitten Jury Collection “Satoyama”

2005 Nitten member recommendation

2008 Solo exhibition “Fascinated by the foothills of Mt. Yatsugatake” (Chino City Museum of Art)

Passed away on June 28, 2020