Nagisa 4F (33.4×24.3cm) Made by Masahiko Seno


This painting focuses on the unique texture and vitality of sea creatures.

In the center of the painting is a fish with its eyes wide open, conveying the delicacy and strength of sea life at the same time. Beneath the fish are brightly colored starfish and crabs, symbolizing the diversity and beauty of the ocean. The sharp claws of a crab and the soft arms of a starfish capture the unique form and movement of each creature.

The background texture is rough, as if representing the roughness of a sandy beach or the saltiness of seawater. The colors are muted and the shapes and colors of the creatures stand out.

This work captures the quiet beauty of the seaside and the complexity of the life that lives there, and is sure to offer viewers a new perspective on nature.

1901 Born in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture

Graduated from Kobe High School of Economics ( currently Kobe University Faculty of Economics ) and taught himself how to draw while working at a marine and fire insurance company.

1927: First exhibited at the 1930 Society Exhibition and selected for selection.

1928 Selected for Nikakai

1931 Exhibited at the 1st independent exhibition and won the Mr. O Prize.

1934 Member of the Independent Art Association Advocated Fauvism with Katsuzo Satomi and others, demonstrating a bright and poetic style.

Died in 1990 at the age of 89 .