Lakeside 8F (45.5 x 37.9cm) Written by Sakujiro Okubo


The work has a tranquil atmosphere and depicts the surface of a lake and cherry blossom trees blooming on its shores. There are mountains in the background, some of which still have snow on them.

The natural scenery of mountains and lakes gives the feeling of a calm spring day, and will bring peace and calm to the viewer.

This is a work in which a moment in nature captured by the artist quietly speaks to the heart of the viewer.

Born in Osaka in 1890, maiden name: Ujihara

1915 Graduated from the Department of Western Painting at Tokyo School of Fine Arts (proceeded to graduate school at the same school and completed in 1918)

1916-1918 Bunten Special Selection

1923 Travel to France

1927 Returned to Japan as Teiten judge

1935 Professor, Tama Art University

1936 Sogenkai formed

1950: Counselor of Nitten Management Committee; member of Ogenkai from the same year (until 1954)

1955 New Century Art Association formed

1958 Nitten Councilor

1960 Won the Japan Art Academy Award for “Fish Shop in the Market”

1963: Member of the Art Institute, Nitten Director,

1966 Awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Third Class

1969 Nitten Advisor

Died in 1973