Untitled 10 pages (53 x 40.9 cm) by Nao Sugizen


This work is notable for its rough, intuitive brushwork and contrast of colors.

Cool blues and neutral blacks stand out against a warm background, creating a contrast that gives the work depth and tension, suggesting the emotional weight of each color.

This work gives different impressions depending on the angle and the way the light hits it, and will elicit a unique emotional dialogue from each viewer.

Born in Tokyo on March 26 , 1914

In 1924, he moved to Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, and then moved to Urawa, Saitama Prefecture (now Urawa Ward, Saitama City), where many artists gathered as studio studios, to continue his studies at art school.

In 1933, he entered the preparatory course for the oil painting department at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts (now Tokyo University of the Arts), and then entered the main course.

1936: First selected for the Nikaten Exhibition

Graduated from Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1938.

In 1939, together with 40 other avant-garde activists including Ichiro Fukuzawa, he became a founding member of the Art and Culture Association, known for its surrealist movement.

Winner of the Independent Art Association Award

1953: Withdrew from the Art and Culture Association and became independent.

1968: Became professor of the Oil Painting Department at Tama Art University

1977: Became professor of the Oil Painting Department at the Tokyo University of the Arts

1981: Received the 31st Minister of Education's Art Encouragement Prize

1994: Died of cerebral infarction