Flowers of a foreign land 50F (116.7 x 90.9cm) Written by Kenmi Murokoshi


This painting shows an original approach that combines natural beauty with abstract expression.

In the painting, fantastic flowers are abstractly drawn using various colors. These floral depictions use creative expressions that go beyond traditional flower shapes, offering viewers an opportunity to see the beauty of nature from a new perspective.

This work will provide viewers with original inspiration through the beauty of the natural world and artistic imagination.


Born in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture in 1947

1977 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts

1978 Ohashi Prize winner

1979 Completed graduate school at Tokyo University of the Arts

1985 Figurative Painting Biennale (Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Modern Art)

Exhibited at Basel International Art Fair (Switzerland)

1988 Solo exhibition (Humphrey Gallery, New York)

1991 Modern Vision (Yurakucho Seibu)

1993 IMA “Painting Today” Exhibition (Shinjuku Mitsukoshi)

Received the Takashimaya Cultural Foundation Emerging Artist Encouragement Award

1994 Genealogy of Modernism Exhibition (Takashimaya)

Japanese masterpiece art exhibition

2001 Takashimaya Art Award Exhibition (Takashimaya)

2002 “ 21st Century Eyes Exhibition” Takashimaya

2003 Solo exhibition “Homage Exhibition” Takashimaya

After 2005 solo exhibition (Gallery Tsubaki), solo exhibitions in 2007, 10, and 2013.

2014 Solo exhibition (box/box exhibition) Takashimaya

Currently independent, professor emeritus at Tama Art University