Dahlia in a white vase 62×46cm Lithograph 205/275 by Angelina LaBernier


This lithograph depicts several white vases and bright dahlia flowers.

The muted background and china on the table contrast with the bright colors of the dahlias. The soft colored background makes the colors of the vase and flowers stand out even more.

The lithographic technique expresses fine color gradations and textures, creating a tranquil yet warm atmosphere.

This work captures a moment of tranquility and beauty, and is sure to leave a calm impression on the viewer.

Born in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 1925 Studied art at the Tareda Academy in Barcelona After that, studied about Spanish masters at the Prado Museum in Madrid Holded many solo exhibitions mainly in Paris and Barcelona, ​​and held the Paris Salon・Participated in d'Automne and Salon Design des Pendents, etc.

1964: Awarded at the Vichy International Biennale in France. Since then, he has received many awards.

1979 Recommended as a member of the Brussels Academy of Arts

She came to Japan for the first time in 1985 and held exhibitions throughout Japan, attracting many enthusiasts.Incidentally, her husband was the painter Françoise Batet.