White-walled house 40×29cm Lithograph EA by Laurent


This lithograph piece depicts a landscape that appears to be on the Mediterranean coast with bright colors and a soft touch.

Houses with impressive white walls are set against a backdrop of blue sky and sea. These buildings are reminiscent of the typical Mediterranean architecture, with white-painted walls and bright blue domes.

The foreground is filled with plants of various colors, evoking the region's temperate climate.

There is the artist's signature on the bottom right, and the EA version can also be seen on the bottom left.

This work has a bright and tranquil atmosphere, and will make the viewer feel the warm Mediterranean breeze.


Born in Gironde (southern France) in 1949

Career Paris Polytechnic School

Paris University of Fine Arts

Advertisements, illustrations, illustrations for magazine companies, etc.

1977 Started teaching at the Paris School of Fine Arts

1976-1982 Exhibited in numerous salon exhibitions (Viturie, Montrouge, Young Painter)

Also joins cultural circles (Versailles, Pontoise, Compaigne, La Rochelle)

1989: Worked as a watercolor painter