I 10 pages (53 x 41 cm) by Mitsuyoshi Hatanaka


The work is characterised by a calm, subdued colour palette that emphasises the model's quiet inner beauty.

The woman's face is drawn with simple lines, and her expression exudes a sense of calm and melancholy, as if gazing off into the distance.

The calm colors of the background accentuate the woman's serene beauty.

This work is simple yet contains deep emotional expression, and can be said to be a piece that will prompt you to reexamine your inner self.


He has a deep knowledge of the transmission of Buddhist art from India to Japan, and has created many works based on Buddhist themes such as Indian folklore and the life of Buddha. As both a religious figure and a painter, he believes in finding themes through the study of historical works, mainly from India, and in thinking about the essence of painting and the way of life through his paintings.

1947 : Born in Nara Prefecture / 1977 : 21st Shell Art Award / 1978 : 1st Tokyo Central Museum of Art Japanese Painting Grand Prize / 1987 : 5th Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Newcomer Award / 2002 : Nikkei Japanese Painting Grand Prize / 2004 : 22nd Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Award Lifetime Achievement Award / 2014 : Kyoto Art and Culture Award / 2015 : Kyoto City Cultural Achievement Award, among many other awards .
Former Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design