Flowers on the Window and Bottle 19 x 27cm by Wendy Chazan Lithograph 202/300


This lithograph depicts flowers and a bottle placed on a windowsill, with the dark blue outside the window as seen from inside creating a contrasting background.

The flowers and leaves in the vase are painted in vivid colors, and their sense of life enlivens the entire piece. Additionally, the bottle design features detailed patterns that convey the attention to detail of a still life painting.

The overall simple composition of this work creates a sophisticated atmosphere.

Born in New York in 1945

After graduating from Boston University in 1967, studied painting at the Fine & Blind Art School in New York, Rudger, New Brunswick, and New Jersey. Researched various painting techniques, created unique techniques, and continued to create paintings.

1969: Numerous painting and print exhibitions held in New York, Switzerland, France, and other major cities.

1989 Group exhibition of prints held in Tokyo