Flowers by the Window 10F (53 x 45.5 cm) by Toshiyasu Doi


This work is a painting depicting a scene from a Parisian cafe.

On the right, delicate white flowers are painted on a dark-toned window frame, through which a bright cityscape with the Eiffel Tower is visible.

People are sitting outside the café, which has an eye-catching yellow awning, depicting their peaceful daily lives.

The painting contrasts the bustle of the city with the tranquility of the window, giving the viewer a sense of both the hustle and bustle of the city and its hidden silence. The subdued colors give the work a warm impression overall.

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1918

1950: Studied under Keisuke Kanno

1958: Won the Independent Exhibition Prize at the 26th Independent Exhibition

1959 Moved to Chigasaki City

1960: Won the highest award at the 28th Dokuritsu Exhibition

1961: Becomes a member of the Independent Art Association

1967: Moved to Europe

Winner of the Associé Award at the National des Beaux-Arts Exhibition

1968: "Seien" was selected for the Yasui Prize New Artists Exhibition.

1975: Dark Blue Ribbon Medal

1996: Received the Independent Art Association Merit Award

1998 Toshiyasu Doi Art Collection published

1999: Held the exhibition "The Paintings of Toshiyasu Doi" at the Chigasaki City Museum of Art

Passed away in 2012