Red plum 12M (60.6×40.9cm) Made by Mitsuki Hatanaka


This painting depicts the lovely and vivid appearance of plum blossoms.

The light blue background, which resembles the blue sky, highlights the beautiful red color of the red plum blossoms.

The colors of the red plum blossoms and the shape of the petals are drawn with delicate brush strokes, emphasizing the vitality and beauty of nature. The flowing shading of the branches and flowers creates a sense of depth.

It can be said that this is a very attractive work that captures the beauty of nature and the traditional atmosphere of Japan.


He has a deep knowledge of the transmission of Buddhist art from India to Japan, and many of his works have Buddhist themes, such as Indian folklore and Buddhist legends. As both a religious figure and a painter, he believes in discovering themes through the study of historical works, mainly from India, and thinking about the essence of painting and how to live through painting production.

1947 : Born in Nara Prefecture / 1977 : 21st Shell Art Award / 1978: 1st Tokyo Central Art Museum Japanese Painting Award / 1987 : 5th Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Newcomer Award / 2002 : Nikkei Japanese Painting Award / 2004 : 22nd Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Award, Distinguished Service Award / 2014 : Kyoto Art and Culture Award / 2015 : Kyoto City Cultural Distinguished Award, and many other awards .
●Former professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design