Green Hill 91.3×60cm By Andre Brasilier Lithograph 32/130


This lithograph depicts a natural landscape composed with the artist's characteristic vivid colors and flowing lines.

This work depicts a clear sky, the refreshing colors of the clouds, and the lush green hills, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

As an artist known for works that explore the beauty and harmony of nature, this piece is sure to provide viewers with a sense of spiritual richness and peace of mind.


Born in 1929 in Saumur, France to painter parents.

He spent his childhood in his family's large mansion, the Massé house, in the village of Meigner-le-Vicomte, and received his schooling at the Collège Saint-Louis in Saumur and the Collège Saint-Hélambert in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

1949: Entered the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and studied in the atelier of Maurice Brianchon

1952 Florence Blumenthal Prize

1953 Grand Prize for Painting at the Prix de Rome

1958: First lithograph produced at the Mourlot workshop

Held his first solo exhibition on the theme of music at the Galerie Drouet (Paris, France)

1960 Exhibition at Galerie Weill (Paris, France)

Received the Villeneuve-sur-Lot Award

1961: Charles Morey Prize at the Young Artists Exhibition

Purchase of a mansion in Le Peigne

1962: Winner of the Surlott Prize

Exhibition at David B. Findlay Gallery (New York)

Member of the Salon d'Automne and the Salon des Tuileries

1964: Exhibition at the Galerie Weil with the main theme being the equestrian instructors of Saumur.

1966 Exhibition at Gallery Contrast (Brussels, Belgium)

1969: First exhibition in Tokyo

First of three exhibitions at the Galerie de Paris

Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts of Nantes (France) and the Gilda Vandel Center

1970: Exhibited at the "Contemporary French Figurative Painting Panorama Exhibition" in Buenos Aires.

Draws illustrations for Gaston Leroux's The Mystery of the Yellow Room (published by Sole).

1971 Exhibitions at Galeria de Arte (Caracas, Venezuela) and David B. Findlay Gallery (New York)

1972: Second exhibition at the Galerie de Paris

Illustrated several novellas by Colette (published by Onetom Club)

1974 Held an exhibition at Yoshii Gallery in Tokyo

Lithograph and tapestry exhibition at the Vision Nouvelle Gallery (Paris, France)

Exhibition at David B. Findlay Gallery, New York

The art book is published in Japan for the first time.

1975: Received the Salon de Monjour Award

Exhibitions at Galerie Mignon-Massard (Nantes, France), Galerie des Chaudroniers (Geneva, Switzerland), and Helsinki

1976: Held his third exhibition at the Galerie de Paris.

Yves Fantas publishes his theory on Brazillier

In 1977, painter Kaii Higashiyama invited Brasilier to Toshodaiji Temple (Nara) where he was creating a mural.

Exhibition at Galerie des Chaudronniers (Geneva, Switzerland)

The first German exhibition is held in Tübingen by Professor Roland Doschka.

1979 Exhibition at the Matignon Gallery in Paris

First ceramics exhibition held at Galerie Etienne Sassi (Paris, France)

In 1980, he held his first retrospective ( 1950-80 ) at the Château de Chenonceau (Loire, France), showcasing over 100 works created between 1950 and 1980.

1981 Exhibition at Tokyo Central Museum

Solo exhibition at Galerie Chaudronier (Geneva, Switzerland)

Draws illustrations for Alain Fournier's The General of Meaulnes ( published by Sole).

1982: Traveling exhibition held in five cities in Japan

1984 Ceramics exhibition at the Ceramics Museum in Mettlach

Exhibition at the Louvre Hotel in Monaco

1985: Designed the stage sets and costumes for the play "Giblet" (written by Reinaldo Hahn)

Solo exhibition at Hammer Gallery (New York)

1987: Created a mosaic ( 15 x 3 meters) in Vence, Provence

Created a work based on Marcel Proust's "Swann in Love" for the printing bureau.

1988 Exhibition at the Bachelen-Mowat Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Retrospective exhibition at the Picasso Museum in Antibes, southern France in June

Retrospective exhibition held in August in Balingen, Germany.

October: held simultaneously at the Hopkins-Thomas Gallery and the Etienne Sassi Gallery in Paris

In 1989, a retrospective was held in Angers, and he was awarded the Golden Horse Award (Order of Honor of the City of Angers).

Exhibition at Denki Bunka Kaikan Gallery (Nagoya)

Solo exhibitions at Spiral (Tokyo) and Hammer Gallery (New York)

Seguier publishes "André Brasilier and His Transformation" (by Yann Pichon) with a preface by Michel Déon, member of the Academie Française.

1990: "Nature of Our Country" (Great Events) is published.

1991: The album "Harmony", containing 10 lithographs, is published by Drouot-Montaigne (Paris).

1992: The exhibition "Bagatelle's André Brasilier" was held at the Paris City Hall.

A catalogue raisonné of the lithographs is published by Calitos.

The traveling exhibition "Brasilier of Brasilier" organized by Didier Jumeaux & Partner will be held in Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo and Fukuoka.

2004 Exhibition at Meinau Castle (Lake Constance, Germany)

2005: Retrospective exhibition at the Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia)

2010: Solo exhibition of 40 representative works at Château de Chenonceau

2013 Solo exhibition of 30 previously unpublished works at Opera Gallery (London, UK)