Air of Lines 76×56cm Created by Takehiko Kikuchi


It is a powerful yet beautiful and sophisticated work.

Although different painting materials and techniques are used, the rhythms inherent in each work in perfect harmony. It can be said that this work makes you want to go back and think about the image of the "line" itself, which divides.

Born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1960

1979 Exhibited at the Behavioral Art Exhibition (submitted every time thereafter)

1982 Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Painting, Major in Oil Painting

1984 Completed Tama Art University Graduate School of Art, Department of Painting

Since then, solo exhibitions at Shiseido Gallery and others.

1989 Received Yasuda Fire Art Foundation Encouragement Award for Best New Work

1990 Received the Action Art Exhibition Memorial Award and was recommended as a member.

1991 Exhibited at the Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc. '95 )

Exhibited at the 1994 VOCA exhibition (Ueno Royal Museum)

1995 Exhibited at Yamatane Art Museum Grand Prize Exhibition

“About Lines - Absent Modernism, Invisible Realism” Itabashi Art Museum

1998 “Japanese Painting: Purity and Crossing Borders – From the Perspective of the 1990s ” Nerima Art Museum

2000 Exhibited at the Ryōyo Eye Exhibition ( Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, etc. )

2001 Became a lecturer at the Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tama Art University, majoring in oil painting.

Became an assistant professor in 2004

Became professor in 2010

2012 Tochigi Prefecture Cultural Encouragement Award Winner

2017 "Light and Color - Kaoruko Omori, Takehiko Kikuchi, Hiroaki Kuwabara" Takashimaya Main Store, Tokyo, Nihonbashi