Still life with flowers 10F (53 x 45.5cm) Written by Toshiyasu Doi


A vase is placed on top of the red-based cloth, and purple flowers are placed in a basket beside it. The purple flowers look like they are about to be placed in a vase.

This work seems to have focused on the colors and arrangement of flowers and vases as a still life. The beauty of the purple flowers and the design of the vase in calm colors are delicately expressed.

This work, created using the oil painting technique, is characterized by its beauty and attention to detail, making it a fascinating work that conveys an artistic sense.

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1918

1950 Studied under Keisuke Kanno

1958 Winner of the 26th Independence Exhibition Independence Award

1959 Moved to Chigasaki City

1960: Received the highest award at the 28th Independence Exhibition

1961 Became a member of the Independent Art Association.

1967 Traveled to Europe

Received the Associé Award at the National des Beaux Arts Exhibition.

1968 “Seien” is selected to be exhibited at the Yasui Prize Candidate Newcomer Exhibition.

1975 Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon

1996 Received the Independent Art Association Achievement Award

1998 Toshiyasu Doi art book published

1999 "Toshiyasu Doi's Painting" exhibition held at Chigasaki City Art Museum

Passed away in 2012