Flowers (nude in a vase) 58×40cm Setsuko Migishi Lithograph 20/175


This lithograph is striking for its quiet yet powerful color contrasts and simplicity of form.

The deep blue background gives the work depth and breadth, and the white and pink flowers painted on it give it a vivid yet gentle impression.

The nude woman on the vase has a streamlined form and seems to have as much importance as the flowers.

This piece has a tranquil and poetic atmosphere and is imbued with a unique worldview that evokes the connection between humans and nature and the cycle of life.

Born in 1905 in Nakajima, Oki-cho, Nakajima-gun, Aichi Prefecture

1921 Graduated from Shukutoku Girls' High School in Nagoya

Moved to Tokyo and studied under Saburosuke Okada at the Hongo Western Painting Institute.

1922: Transferred to the second year of Joshibi School of Art and Design (now Joshibi University of Art and Design)

He became acquainted with Kotaro Migishi, an up-and-coming Western-style painter at the time.

1924: Graduated from Joshibi School of Art and Design (now Joshibi University of Art and Design) at the top of her class.

Married to Kotaro Migishi

1925: First daughter born

Selected for the 3rd Shunyokai Exhibition

The Women's Western Painting Association was founded.

1928: Second daughter born

A three-person exhibition by Seiji Toriumi, Kotaro Migishi, and Setsuko was held at the Imai Department Store in Sapporo.

1930: First son (Kitaro) born

1934: Bereaved by Kotaro

Won the Independence Award at the 5th Independence Exhibition

In 1936, she founded the Shichisai-kai group with six other female artists, including Yoneko Saeki and Haruko Hasegawa.

1939: Becomes a member of the New Creation Society

In 1947, she became one of the founding members of the Women Artists Association, but later withdrew from the organization.

1948: Married and separated with Keisuke Kanno

1951: Received the 1st Minister of Education Award for the Arts (now the Arts Award)

1953: Breakup with Keisuke Kanno

1954: First visit to Europe (returned the following year)

1968: Moved to France

1986: Received the Order of the Precious Crown, Third Class, in the autumn conferment of honors

1988: Becomes an honorary citizen of Bisai City

1989: Returned from France and settled in Oiso

1990 Asahi Prize winner

1991: Setsuko Migishi Exhibition: 65 Years of Artistic Career held at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, USA

1994: First female Western-style painter to be awarded the Order of Cultural Merit

1998: The Bisai Migishi Setsuko Memorial Museum (now the Ichinomiya Migishi Setsuko Memorial Museum due to municipal mergers) opens on the site of her birthplace.

1999: Died at a hospital in Oiso due to acute circulatory failure.