Flower 21.5×16cm Lithograph by Claude Mars 25/100


This is a lithograph work that stands out with its very vivid flower colors and light expressions.

Vibrant roses are arranged in a vase, and their vibrancy captivates the viewer's vision. The color and shape of the vase and the background are relatively simple, making the roses stand out more.

This work is an interesting piece that infuses a modern sensibility into a traditional still life subject.

Born in France in 1942

After studying painting at studios in the Montparnasse district and Place des Vosges in Paris, he made his debut as a painter.

Discovered by Galerie La Grande Chaumière and signed an exclusive contract

Since 1980, he has become known around the world as a flower painter.

Deeply impressed by Oriental art, he stayed in art villages in India and Nepal several times.

After returning to France, he not only participated in numerous events both domestically and internationally as a painter, but also worked as a stage designer.