Flowers 8F (45.5 x 37.9cm) by Kozo Sata


This work uses a bold touch to depict a vase full of yellow flowers.

The bright yellow color of the flowers symbolizes vitality and vitality, and the colors that fill the screen are a visual delight.

The background is a pale color such as white or pink, which is calculated to make the vase and yellow flowers stand out.

Although the shapes of the flowers are only roughly drawn, the expression captures the essence of the flowers, making the viewer feel their brilliance. It can be said that this work captures the essential beauty of flowers through the power of color and the omission of shapes.

Born in Mikawashima, Tokyo in 1943

1961 Enters Pacific School of Art and studies painting, sculpture, and printmaking.

1971 First solo exhibition at Ginza Chuo Gallery

1981: Recommended as a member at the Pacific Exhibition (later won the Newcomer Award, Member's Excellent Work Award, etc. at the Pacific Exhibition)

1994 Exhibited at the Kamakura Kenchoji Fire Exhibition and won the Fire Exhibition Award.

1995 Ginza Bara Gallery Special Exhibition

1998 Ginza Gallery Musashi Special Exhibition

2001 Ginza Gallery Musashi Special Exhibition

2001 Japanese Art in CANADA 2001 Exhibition

2001 Received the Special Commemorative Excellence Award at the Japanese-French Contemporary Artists Art Exhibition.