Blue Landscape 8F (45.5×37.9cm) Made by Mitsuhiro Sugaya


This work depicts a fantastical landscape centered around architecture.

The calm colors of the sky, reminiscent of dawn or dusk, contrast with the dark mountains, and the warm-colored buildings in the center are impressive. A lone woman can be seen in the vast landscape.

Although the color blue is used throughout, it does not have a cold atmosphere, and is a work that has a mysterious charm that conveys a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

Born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1931

1951 Dropped out of the Department of Architecture, College of Engineering, Nihon University

1955 Selected for the Nika Exhibition for the first time

1965 Nika Special Selection Award

1967 Nikakai Friendship Recommendation

1970 Exhibited at the Excellent Art Exhibition

1974 Exhibited at Yasui Prize Exhibition

Passed away on January 8 , 2019