TULIP BLOSSOM AT GARDEN Ⅴ 47×37cm Made by Jinnie Kim Lithograph 290/350


Tulips are blooming all over the screen.

The flowers are bright pink, and the green stems and leaves are vividly painted. Each contour is softly blurred, creating a beautiful, dreamlike overall feel.

Through this work, the artist intends to give viewers a sense of calm and peace of mind.

Born in Harbin, China in 1945

1968 Graduated from Seoul National College of Music

1972 Completed Department of Design, State University of New York, USA

1982-83 Received gold medal at an art exhibition sponsored by the Canadian government.

1984 Grand Prize at an art exhibition sponsored by the Canadian government

1990 Invited to exhibit at Tokyo Art Expo

1991 Invited as an invited artist to the Tokyo International Art Show ( TIAS )

In addition, he is currently active in production while holding numerous solo exhibitions in Japan, Canada, the United States, and France.